We believe that families are stronger with God and His word guiding our paths. Each one of us has an unique story as to how we became family.  Each one of our families has had hopes deferred and longings fulfilled.  We’ve had our share of laughs, dreams and tears throughout the years. If you are a family of newlyweds just starting out on your family journey but wanting to learn about what lies ahead, or if your family has adopted, or if you are a single parent, or a family finding a way to overcome or in an inspirational situation we welcome you to share your story with us. We believe that in our families ministry there is a story or two that might ring familiar.  We hope that as our family stories continue to be written that our paths may cross and be better for it.

Joshua 24:15 But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord. 

We believe that marriages can grow closer, stronger and be more fulfilling through the years with God and by being deep and humble learners.  We also believe that parenting is a special role that we need to be as equipped as possible to do well.

Month to month, our marrieds ministry splits into smaller “deep roots groups”, where two or three families get together for food, fellowship, and discipleship.

Family Devotional Series PDF link: Click Here