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marrieds & family

Our marrieds and family ministry strives to love God and lead our families to God.  We seek to do life with one anther and carry one another's burdens. Each group determines their meeting schedule Please contact the group leader for your area for more information.

Here are our groups and the primary contact:


Rich Hackett - 541.913.0938


Dennis Zimmerman - 317.331.2653

Junction City

Dennis Zimmerman - 317.331.2653


Daniel Lauterbach - 575.640.6386

kid's kingdom

We currently have a class Sundays for children ages 6 months through 6 years old.  In each class the children will sing songs, engage in a Bible story, and participate in crafts or an activity. 

Please note that we currently do not have any children ages 7 through 11 and do not offer a class.  Please reach out to us if you have a child in that age range and we can help navigate that! 

Teen Ministry

We have a small teen ministry (ages 12-17) that has a class most Sundays!  Our teens also have the opportunity to fellowship with other teen ministries in the Northwest! This July, a handful of our teens will get to attend our annual teen camp!

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