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The Call

Are you looking to be on the frontlines of God's kingdom, helping smaller churches, and taking Biblical classes?


The Need 

We’re looking for a team of young disciples to live in Eugene for a year. The church would pay rent so that the team can be freed up to devote their time to building up the church and deepening their Bible knowledge. Two important needs are the University of Oregon campus ministry, and our Benevolent outreach. 



Our network of churches in Oregon is just getting started and we want to raise up a mission team that can revitalize our ministries and house churches throughout the state.

Oregon is on the frontier of our movement; home to three established churches and three budding house churches. In 2015, a handful of OYC disciples moved to Eugene Oregon and started the church in the living room of a 100 year old house. It wasn’t pretty, but since then God blessed the church and by great sacrifice, the University Church of Eugene is now on the frontier of evangelizing the smaller cities throughout the state.


Covid hit the entire world hard. A relaunch team is needed to revitalize the University Church of Eugene by helping rebuild a campus and young professionals ministry. The church will cover costs for advanced Biblical education and missionary housing. Team members will be trained to become future paid ministers. After initial training in 2022 and building strong relationships, team members will be raised up to serve in Eugene, or sent out to help build up other churches in the Northwest and beyond. 

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We've asked three former Eugene mission team members about their experience coming to Oregon and making disciples. Click on the six videos below to hear what they have to say!

“Since the Eugene church was originally planted, it has sacrificed greatly to send out three other house churches throughout the state. Those house churches are now looking to hire more leadership to continue our statewide mission. The mission team relaunch gives me a great vision for the impact the team can have in Eugene and eventually as paid staff throughout Oregon and the Northwest. I've personally had the opportunity to intern in Eugene, and my wife and I now lead the Bend, OR church thanks to the incredible ministry training from Eugene.  "

- Joey Hungerford / Bend ICOC Minister